Take Me Home – The Music & Life of John Denver returns to New Zealand this May/June 2017

Australian audiences experienced this show in 2014 when it toured regional and capital cities to public and critical acclaim.

Previously Bevan Gardiner toured Australia in 2013 as support act for legendary American country singer Charley Pride. After listening to Bevan, he was moved to saying “Close your eyes and it’s just like listening to John”.

Take Me Home – The Music & Life of John Denver is authorised by Harold Thau,  John Denver’s long-time personal manager and friend and is the only official John Denver tribute show.

Bevan Gardiner is partially sighted and can only see people as silhouettes, but this has never held him back from enjoying life and in particular, his love of music. He is passionate about what he does and has been a fan of the famous singer ever since he first heard a John Denver cassette tape while travelling on a family holiday.  He was just seven years of age, but was so inspired by the purity of John’s music that he decided there and then that he wanted to sing and play just like his idol.

In 2007, Bevan was invited to Aspen, Colorado to perform in the 10th Annual John Denver Tribute Week. There he met  John’s mother, Irma Deutschendorf, and brother, Ron and performed with members of John’s original band.


Accompanying Bevan Gardiner are five international musicians headed by Canadian Musical Director David Walker and accomplished female vocalist Georgie Daniell. Together they perform the John Denver hits with such accuracy and feeling that if you close your eyes you are effortlessly transported back to the era of John Denver.


The show also incorporates archival film footage detailing the life and achievements of John Denver which ended when the aircraft he was piloting crashed in Monterey Bay, California in October 1997.

The country road is bringing him home.